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The Centrum - Dinning

Best place with exclusive culinary experience for your dining.”

"Various menus are offered, among others menus Indonesia, Chinese, and Western are processed by an experienced chef"


The Centrum - Wedding

The 1st Royal Cruise Atmosphere in Bandung for your wedding.”

"Be the first to experience a unique wedding party in a luxurious cruise atmosphere in the center of Bandung"


The Centrum - Events

A Place to enjoy Luxury Cruise Atmosphere for your Events.”

"The only place in Bandung where you can enjoy teh unforgettable experience of a luxurious royal cruise atmosphere for all your special events."

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The Centrum News

The Centrum telah hadir di Bandung

"Kagum Hotels juga memperkenalkan The Centrum yang meberikan fasilitas dine-wedding-event. Tempatnya berbentuk sebuah kapal pesiar ini merupakan bangunan kolam renang bersejarah peninggalan Belanda tahun 1920-an. Kini Kagum Hotels merubahnya menjadi sebuah fasilitas untuk penyelengaraan berbagai acara seperti pernikahan, berbagai acara resmi, dan gathering...more detail »


The Centrum - Meeting

The finest Bandung meeting experience.”

"Provides you with a great investment for the success of your every Bandung meeting."


“The service and food was above expected. The bus boy working that night was very kind and courteous. Keep up the excellent service.”

- John Smith, Jakarta -